Who’s Way is Right?

Quick Tip – Hiking Right of Way

Believe it or not, just like on roads, trails have right of way “rules”.  Knowing and following them make for a more enjoyable hike for everyone!Tip

  • Yield the trail to uphill hikers.  It’s easier to resume a faster downhill pace; Unless of course you’re the uphill hiker and you’re burnt and want to use a passerby as an excuse to rest… ;)
  • If you’re moving fast, call out to hikers ahead of you.  Indicate how you will pass (think “on your left” like bikers call out.)
  • Dog hikers should have dogs on leash and yield to everyone.  Heel your best friend around hikers with kids or other dogs.
  • Make your presence known to horseback riders.
  • When you yield – do so downhill and off trail as best as possible.  Go for a durable vegetation free surface if you can.


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