Resolve to get out

As we look to usher in another new year, people look to make new year’s resolutions.  They buy gym memberships, bags of protein powder, electronic fitness trackers, and more.  Most of these resolutions fail within a month as people give up or fall short because their goals were not SMART.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but instead resolve on an ongoing basis to live a full and fun life.  I’ve fallen short on that recently, but am aiming to pick up the pace.  I spent all day coming up with a treasure trove of post ideas for this blog and am going to use it as a catalyst for action.

This year I’d like to switch things up a bit and make some goals instead of resolutions:

  1. Make at least one post per week on this blog over the next year. Some weeks I may make more, but I’ll use the power of WordPress drafts to hide that fact… ;)
  2. Try at least two new outdoor activities that I’ve never done before in the next year.  As of right now I’m gunning for snowshoeing in the winter and slacklining in the spring/summer.
  3. Hike at least two trails with at least 2500 feet of elevation gain each over the next year.  Elevation gain has always been my achilles heel of hiking and our family has a desire to do the rim to rim Grand Canyon hike soon, so I need to start conditioning.

I was going to make a subscriber/reader goal, but for now I’m leaving that out.  I’m more interested in the journey and recording it as of now.  If I’m successful at that, then the rest should follow.

Hit up the comments and let us know what outdoor goals YOU have for the next year.

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