Living life one hike at a time

90 Hikes LogoLife is precious – you need to grab each little bundle of time by the horns and do something with it.

Nature was our playground as kids, and yet for the generation our kids are in, some are lucky to have even seen a tree.  We want to instill the love and respect of nature into our kids that we’ve gotten over our lives.  Whether it’s a day hike, a week long trip to the shore, a three day weekend to Yellowstone, a quick drive to the city to see the tide pools, or even just getting out for a bike ride on a trail; we want our kids to see the beauty that is our world.

We live off of I-90 in SE King County outside Seattle, so we’ve got some pretty good hiking around here.  But we don’t stop there.  We hike, we camp, we travel, we photograph, we live.  Life is about more than work, and we try our best to get our Vitamin D supplements.

We might be getting over the hill, but our kids at nine and twelve are far from it.  Come by and follow our tales as they discover the world with us.  We’ll post trip reports, videos of basics, photographs of beautiful places, stories about local organizations, and maybe an inspirational quote or cross post.

Some of the posts are going to be made by the kids – so the kids (or you if you’re the kid!) can see what they are capable of and maybe give the stodgy adults some ideas of things they want to do or see…

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